The little girl born on a cold November evening was blessed, she was blessed by the almighty with creativity and an artistic persona. As she grew up she flourished in classical dance, in drawing and painting, in writing poetry. She always spoke to the almighty and thanked him for his blessings and also asked for help whenever needed. But the little girl and her passions changed as she grew up and got caught between responsibilities.

When the little girl was four year old she once spoke to God,

“God, today I danced like always but it seemed little different, there were so many colorful lights and music but I couldn’t see anything else, there was only darkness… but I quite liked dancing today as I got to wear very nice colorful clothes and some paint on my lips… mom said It was lipstick and it was for elders… today was special so she gave me… after my dance I was playing with my friend in a dark place when mom said people were calling me… I ran to the lady who was calling me and I saw suddenly there were so many people around… I didn’t understand what happened and from where they came and why they were clapping all of a sudden… the lady handed me a big gift… and I ran to mom and gave her the gift… I don’t know what had happened but I am happy because everyone seems happy around me and my dad clicked so many pictures of mine in the beautiful dress…”

Dear, today is indeed a special day, you didn’t realize but this evening you gave your first dance performance on stage and got the first prize in the competition. There were hundreds of people hiding in that darkness who saw your little feet create wonders. You have made your parents proud in front of so many people. Wish you good luck for many such performances.

When the little girl was twelve year old she spoke to God for help,

“God I gave my second year dance examination and I am little scared. I think it went well and I have given my best shot, but I don’t know why I am feeling jittery now that the exam is over?”

My dear you are getting nervous about the result that will come out next week. You are worried about the feelings of your parents. But believe in yourself, if you have given your best then you don’t need to worry about anything. Good Luck my child.

After a week when the results were out the little girl had secured the first place in the classical dance examination with a huge score of 96 out of 100. And she thanked god for what He had given her.

When the little girl was seventeen year old she once thanked God,

“God I am very happy today. My aunt had taken one of my paintings sometime back and had said that she would put it up in her drawing room. She had called mom in the afternoon to tell her one of her guests asked the other day which artist’s painting was that and enquired if she could get something for her home too… Mom was very happy too… Mom told me how proud she felt each time people asked about my oil paintings that adorn our living room. I am happy that I could make my parents happy, I am happy that I could create something nice. Thank you God for everything… I seek your blessings…”

My Dear, I have not given you anything special, it’s your hard work and knowledge that is fetching you the compliments. I hope you always keep these close to your heart, in future when you will have more responsibilities, don’t just forget these easily.

When the little girl was twenty two year old she once asked God for some sunshine,

“Dear God, life has become too fast, why is everyone running behind time? I feel like I have also joined that rat race… What am I doing… spending time from morning to evening in college so far from home, studying for exams, even the one month holiday I get I have to run behind people for internships, thesis… how do I do anything else? Where is the time to do anything? I only managed to dance twice in college in the last two years! Why am I not being able to find out some time for myself, for what I like? On Sundays I am either cleaning my room or clothes or shopping for groceries… What do I do God? Give me some sunshine…”

My Dear, this is what life is, everything doesn’t stay the same always. I know it’s difficult for you to allot time for all your interests but this is how it is… the time is limited… you need to make the right decision, whether you want to follow your heart which wants you to bring color in life or your mind who wants you to have a secure future… The decision is yours.

The little girl grew up to be a fine lady passing her academics with flying colors and joined work. Today she is married with a lovely home and family… but her identity is at stake… she is busy with a grueling schedule at work and at home to keep everything running… she doesn’t put her ‘ghungroo’ on her feet nor does she brighten any canvas… occasionally she pens down some couplets or scribbles in her diary…

The little girl (is always the little girl for her God) asked a favor from God

Dear god, I have followed my brain and not my heart. I know you will ask why? But tell me God why can’t I have both? Why do I need to choose only one? Today I don’t have any time for myself, my passions… There are so many people now who don’t even know that I have been a performer and an artiste, forget about others my husband also doesn’t know because he has never seen me doing anything… I don’t even get to spend a good quality time with him because of our respective jobs, because of my duties and responsibilities at home… why does it have to happen like this? At times I think of going and buying some paintings for my living room… such an irony… I myself don’t get time to make a painting for myself?? If only I had some more time… two more hours in the day may be I could have done at least one of these…

I could come back from work early, spend some time with the things that I love to do and then spend some quality time with him. If I am not getting to do any of these now what will I do when I have a family? Do I always need to keep running? I am just asking a favor… or a request…”

She is still waiting for the answer… this time her Dear God… is taking unusually long in replying to her questions….

PS: The above post is written for the Indibloger Contest  ” If you had two extra hours in a day, how would you spend it” sponsored by Surf Excel Matic #GetSmart. Hope you enjoyed reading it 🙂 Will tell you more about the Little Girl latter…  
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Tina Basu

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  1. Seema
    November 25, 2011 at 5:09 am (7 years ago)

    nice post……all the best for the contest


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