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Mother Sparsh 99% water wipes

Mother Sparsh 99% Water Wipes now comes in Medical Grade Cloth – Safest baby wipes in the market #NewLaunch #SuperThickwaterWipes

Mother Sparsh, India’s Wipes Brand, has launched premium 99% Water based Baby Wipes in Medical Grade Cloth. #UnscentedWaterWipes #SensitiveWipes A mother’s diaper bag is never complete without baby wipes. Mine is a three-year-old yet I find it impossible to go anywhere without the baby wipes. But which baby wipes can you use safely without having to […] Read more…

make friends with probiotics

Why you should make friends with Probiotics for a healthy gut

Probiotics are live microorganisms that restores the gut flora. Make friends with probiotics for a healthy gut. These friendly bacteria are also helpful for a good immune system. What are the two diseases in kids that worries a mom? High fever and diarrhoea. Not to mention, sometimes I worry about the pro-longed running noses and […] Read more…

tips for drinking water in pregnancy

Tips for Drinking Water during Pregnancy – Benefits of Hydration and Beyond

Tips for drinking water during pregnancy – Keeping yourself hydrated all the time is crucial when you are expecting. Learn the benefits of hydration during pregnancy. Pregnancy is a critical and important phase in a woman’s life. It is necessary to maintain health and hygiene during this phase. Having a proper diet and sleep along […] Read more…

#feediq ways to form brain synapses in kids

5 ways to form Brain Synapses in babies through stimulation – Brain Development in Babies #FeedIQ

Sensory stimulation helps to form Brain synapses in babies. These are essential for brain development in babies. #FeedIQ Did you know, spending time with your infant is the best thing you can do for their brain development? All the time that you spend talking, singing, playing with your infant actually works as a stimulation to […] Read more…

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