We all have enjoyed our great winter feasts, haven’t we? The December parties and after parties, loads of meat roasts and overdose of cakes and pastries. And it of course has shown up on our bodies. But it was still okay because you could experiment with blazers, jumpers and so on. But just after the cozy winter months we have been greeted with the heat wave across northern and eastern India. It has been such a tormenting time for people in these parts of the country.

The summers ensure you are wearing the thinnest fabric and shortest dresses. The most common trend I have seen in people right after the festival season is to go on a crash diet to lose the added pounds. People surviving on soups and liquid diet, having only salads or even only cereals! But have we given a thought if it’s worth it? Does it help in the long run? Of course having salad is good for health – but surviving only on salads for months – is that what your body wants?

No. Not giving your body enough nutrition is a sin and the body will curse you in the long run. It will mess up with your body’s metabolism system and you will end up having acidity and other gastric problem. Wanting to lose weight is a novel idea but starving yourself to achieve your desired weight is being harsh on your body. When people go on crash diet they lose water and later on muscle. What is actually required is to burn the calories and burn the fat deposits under your skin. A balanced nutritious diet is what you need along with proper exercise and physical activity to achieve that.

Few things that one can do is check what is going in your mouth and what amount of physical activity you are doing to burn off the calories. You must ensure you are giving back your body as much calories as you are burning. Check out the ‘3 click Diet Plan’ by Dabur Honey. It is a very simple process to check where your fitness and nutrition level is and you can customize your diet plan according to it. Enter your age, BMI, preference of Diet, daily calorie intake and they will dole out your personalized and customized diet plan. Isn’t that really convenient?

Are you a sugar person? Do you end up mixing spoonful of sugar with your morning ‘nimboo pani’ or with your daily dose of skimmed milk? Then you are reversing all the goodness of these helpful ingredients. Change to using honey instead of sugar. Honey is natural and is a good source of energy. It not only aids in digestion but helps in weight management too. Check out the Honey Dietwhich will ensure you have a good metabolism. A teaspoon of honey mixed with lukewarm water in the morning is the best way you can start your day.

Check out the healthy honeyrecipes tossed out by celebrity chef Vikas Khanna and add a healthy nutritious touch to your life. 


For more information on the Honey Diet visit http://www.daburhoney.com/ 

Tina Basu

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