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ways to manage stress

5 inexpensive and easy ways to manage stress in daily life – Tina Basu

Stress is inevitable. But there are easy and inexpensive ways to manage stress in daily life. Yoga, meditation, traveling – all help in relieving stress. Stress is inevitable. You can encounter stress at work, from family duties, relationships – almost everywhere. Stress affects us considerably not only in the emotional and mental wellbeing but stress […] Read more…

breastmilk has DHA, natural Vitamin E needed for baby's brain development #FeedIQ

The Super Vitamin for your Baby’s Brain – DHA & Natural Vitamin E – #FeedIQ

A baby’s brain develops rapidly in the first 12 months. DHA, natural vitamin E helps in infant cognition through breastfeeding. Learn more about #FeedIQ and why you should breastfeed. Pregnancy and motherhood is a special time in a woman’s life. A healthy pregnancy is largely dependent on good nutrition, moderate exercise and good rest. With […] Read more…

physiotherapy near me

What is physiotherapy and why do you need it?

Physiotherapy or physical therapy is an allied health profession whereby the therapist uses mechanical force or movement, exercise therapy, manual therapy or electrotherapy to remediate any impairment or promote joint functioning or movement. With physiotherapy, the person can maintain or increase physical mobility, physical strength and functioning. A physical therapist can assist a patient to […] Read more…

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