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make friends with probiotics

Why you should make friends with Probiotics for a healthy gut

Probiotics are live microorganisms that restores the gut flora. Make friends with probiotics for a healthy gut. These friendly bacteria are also helpful for a good immune system. What are the two diseases in kids that worries a mom? High fever and diarrhoea. Not to mention, sometimes I worry about the pro-longed running noses and […] Read more…

tips for drinking water in pregnancy

Tips for Drinking Water during Pregnancy – Benefits of Hydration and Beyond

Tips for drinking water during pregnancy – Keeping yourself hydrated all the time is crucial when you are expecting. Learn the benefits of hydration during pregnancy. Pregnancy is a critical and important phase in a woman’s life. It is necessary to maintain health and hygiene during this phase. Having a proper diet and sleep along […] Read more…

ways to manage stress

5 inexpensive and easy ways to manage stress in daily life – Tina Basu

Stress is inevitable. But there are easy and inexpensive ways to manage stress in daily life. Yoga, meditation, traveling – all help in relieving stress. Stress is inevitable. You can encounter stress at work, from family duties, relationships – almost everywhere. Stress affects us considerably not only in the emotional and mental wellbeing but stress […] Read more…

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