places to visit in malaysia

TOP 10 Places to Visit in Malaysia

Places to visit in Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Malacca City, Langkawi – Malaysia is a popular destination for tourists. Here are TOP 10 places to visit in Malaysia. Are you planning a backpacking trip? Still wondering where to go this time? Why not visit Malaysia? This South East Asian Country is a melting pot […] Read more…


Varanasi for the Hippie

As the golden sun turns crimson and sinks into the arms of the Ganges, the river banks come alive with the chants of priests and chimes of temples. Amidst the chorus of tourists, pilgrims, and locals, you will find them. Huddled together in a corner, strumming on a John Lennon piece, a group of hippies […] Read more…

traveling with toddlers

Top 20 Tips for Traveling with toddlers : Tried and Tested Mom Tips #SuperBloggerChallenge2018

Traveling with toddlers? Keep these handy tips in mind while traveling with toddlers to make your travel hassle-free. Traveling with toddlers can become a difficult task if you have not planned ahead or if you are not equipped properly. You can never undermine your toddler’s needs while you are traveling nor you should give up […] Read more…

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