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Flash Fiction Writing Challenge – #FridayFotoFiction Feb 9 – Feb 14 Prompt

#FridayFotoFiction Flash Fiction Writing Prompt

K-12 – Flash Fiction Writing #FridayFotoFiction

“We have no news, ROV is lost”.

“No news in last 72 hrs?” asked the chief.


For close to 41 days the ROV had a successful journey. Just when the world was celebrating this feat they lost all communication.


“I have dedicated my life towards this mission, it can’t end like….”

His words were paused by the faint X-band radio wave.

“Sir, I have something, communication established and ROV is live”

All eyes in the pod were now glued to the screen.

“Where is this?”

“What in the name of God is that?”

“An aircraft!!!” said a startled voice.

“There is life on The Red Planet!”

“No zoom in, I want clear photo”

“Something is written on the side, faded but still….”

“Zoom in as best as you can”

“It’s English sir, MH370, Malaysian Airlines!”

The pod fell into an uncanny silence.


The Missing Plane MH370 has been found, in K-12 an exoplanet discovered by the ROV, the Mars Orbiter. Nasa Scientists claim, the ROV was pulled by a vortex and had lost all communications with earth for over 72 hours. Theories are claiming this unknown vortex might have pulled the missing flight. Said the headlines on the newspaper next day.

© Tina Basu

Word count – 204. I have exceeded the word count though!

#FridayFotoFiction Featured Blogger Feb 2 – Feb 7

We had some amazing stories last week – 12 well-crafted fictions with emotions, laughter, and banter. That’s why we have two featured bloggers this week.

Our first featured blogger with a very emotional and apt story is Sudha from SukrisBlog. Read her featured story Traumatic Days.


Our second featured blogger is Rashi from Live it Young. Read her featured post The Sacrifice. 


Congratulations girls.

#FridayFotoFiction Featured Post By Popular Demand

Looks like its a tie between Rashi’s The Sacrifice, Sudha’s Traumatic Days, Lavanya’s The Crash, and Akshata’s Taking the Unconventional Path with 2 votes each.

Congratulations girls.

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