Thankful Thursdays

thankful thursdays prompt

What are you Thankful for NOT having in your life #ThankfulThursdays Week 14

Are you feeling thankful today? Welcome to another beautiful week of #ThankfulThursdays. Why beautiful did you ask? Well because it’s now being hosted by four pretty and beautiful ladies. We are here to make sure you get your prompts, engagement, promotion and pep talk all on time. And of course, we’ll ensure you are practicing […] Read more…

Thanksgiving Special #ThankfulThursdays

Hello Thursday and happy Thanksgiving Day. Are you celebrating Thanksgiving today? Are you planning to have a hearty meal today? Did you thank anyone today – for their kindness, for their friendship or just for being there? If you have not already then let’s do that now! This brings us to Week 4 of #ThankfulThursdays […] Read more…

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