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Who are your friends? Thank you Friends – #ThankfulThursday #ThankYouNote Contest Week 3

Friends are life, friends are partners in crime, friends share emotions, friends know your secrets. But who are these friends? Are you thankful for them? We are celebrating thankfulness this entire Thanksgiving month. Join the #ThankfulThursday #ThankYouNote contest and link up with us. When you think of the word ‘friend’ by default your heart and mind […] Read more…

thankful for health

Thank You Health – Thankful Thursday #ThankYouNote Contest #Thanksgiving

Health is wealth – however clichéd it might sound – it is the absolute truth! On this Thankful Thursday, we ask you to write a Thank You Note to your health and join the #ThankYouNote contest this month. Hola people welcome to a new month – November. It’s my favorite month because its winter, it’s […] Read more…

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