You don’t say Thank You Food often, do you? Nor have you ever written a Thank You Note to food, right? But isn’t food a big (huge) part of your existence? So why not thank it once.

thank you food

We don’t value things when we have access to them easily or have it in abundance. We take our parents for granted – because well, they are parents – where are they running away? We take our health for granted – I am fit and fine, no disease, why do I need to take care? And when it comes to food – what’s for dinner? Same old stuff? Okay, I am ordering pizza! But is that all you can think about food?

Food is why we exist. You can think of it in either way. You may live to have food or you live because there is food. There are plenty unfortunate ones who don’t get to see the sight of food for days, forget about good food. Let’s say Thank You Food today.

Today we live in strange worlds. Food, which was once the central part of your life and the day moved around how to get your daily bread and working hard towards providing food for the family, that very same food is now being considered secondary! We are so busy with our work life that we don’t have time for food! Some people in the corporate world even boasts – “I never have time for breakfast and I skip it” Is that a right thing to do?

When I had joined work right after my post-graduation I was all steamed u for every meeting, for every assignment, for every presentation! There have been times when I have had only a few biscuits for breakfast while running for work – yes that’s the most convenient thing when you work for a biscuit brand! I have skipped those lunches too because we had to get the stuffs ready before the boss could call for it! But who gained out of it? NO ONE. It’s a disrespect for food. Skipping these meals meant messing up with the metabolism of body and that hurts.

People across the world don’t have access to clean drinking water, and then we feel we have some right to leave the tap open and let fresh water flow away. Isn’t water a big part of your life too? Have you been thankful for drinking water?

Then there are people who think eating is uncool, not eating anything and surviving on tomatoes is cool! I hope they know a balanced diet is better for the body and that waistline too! Say Thank You Food – the right food make you fitter mind you!

I am thankful I have access to food – good, nutritious, junk whatever form. We can provide for our family. Remember the days in school when you were taught to pray before your meal (or say Grace as the West knows it), it was a way of realizing how lucky we are to have enough food around, and how thankful we should be.

I have a wish to teach my son the practice of thanking food once he’s a little older to understand the concept of food. I can picture ourselves seated together and say Thank You Food!

Have you thanked food lately? No? Do that today!

Are you participating in this wonderful #ThankfulThursday #ThankYouNote Contest?

It’s Thanksgiving! It also happens to be our first anniversary of #ThankfulThursday – how cool is that? #ThankfulThursday anniversary during Thanksgiving? It’s a year of saying thank you, a year of showing gratitude a year of expressing thankfulness. So what better than coming up with the ThankfulThursday #ThankYouNote Contest. This Thanksgiving month write a post based on the 5 prompts for 5 Thursdays and we choose winners based on max participation and you win Amazon vouchers! How cool is that!!

Prompt for #ThankfulThursday #ThankYouNote Contest Week 5

thank you food

#ThankfulThursdays #ThankYouNote Contest Rules

  1. Must write on each of the 5 #ThankfulThursday prompts to be eligible for this contest.
  2. Must follow, comment and share both the host’s post on social media
  3. Must comment and share 3 of the link ups posts
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  6. A minimum of 10 blog post entries will be deemed necessary for the contest to be validated, so make sure you invite and tag your friends to enter too!
  7. Your performance in this competition will have a score which will matter for the next part of the competition too!
  8. Keep your posts and engagement civil. Adult content/ affiliated links/ derogatory remarks/ hatred towards any religion is not allowed.
  9. Only posts in the link-up written on the prompt will be eligible for the contest and prize.
  10. All decisions of the judges are final and will appreciate your cooperation in the matter.Looking forward to your thank you notes this month.Write with a Thankful Heart!



7 Comments on Have you said Thank You Food Lately? #ThankfulThursday #ThankYouNote Contest Week 5

  1. Anagha Yatin
    December 3, 2017 at 11:44 am (1 year ago)

    Agree you Tina…we definitely live in the strange world! WE work hard for earning bread and dont have time to spare for breaking the bread. The result, we are making ourselves weak, we fall sick often than our previous generation.

  2. Geethica Mehra
    December 5, 2017 at 7:28 pm (1 year ago)

    Yes, I remember that we were taught to say thank you food; the one we understood as we matured. I preach to my kids also to be always thankful for food.
    Geethica Mehra recently posted…Be Thankful for the food you eatMy Profile

  3. Sudha Krishnan
    December 6, 2017 at 4:53 pm (1 year ago)

    We practised so.many good things as a kid. Nowadays the same are taken for granted. It is sad that many skip breakfast till almost hi tea. By the time they realise the damage is done.
    Sudha Krishnan recently posted…Love has its own timeMy Profile

  4. Varsh
    December 6, 2017 at 7:40 pm (1 year ago)

    Taking care to have food on time is something we all need to work on. Health and food are connected and one must never ignore either.

  5. zainab
    December 6, 2017 at 9:06 pm (1 year ago)

    Its so important so thanks and give gratitude to food.


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