I have this weird problem of feeling nauseous while travelling in the hills. This has been with me for as long as I can remember. My mom tells me in my childhood I used to throw up in every darn trip in the hills and she had to bear the brunt of taking me and washing me up! She had hoped it will be okay with time as I grow up. But that isn’t the case. I still feel the same but thankfully in a little lesser intensity!

But I have noticed this has never happened to me abroad, like I have visited the Swiss Alps, the French Alps, Salsburg and some more heights but never faced such a problem. Thankfully, I can’t imagine myself throwing up at Titlis or Jungfraujoch and then invite some awkward glances from people!

This one time, me and Indro were visiting Connoor, and Ooty to celebrate our anniversary – our third if I am not wrong. It was a road trip, a pretty long one when you are in the hills. We had hired a driver because both of us are not comfortable in driving through the hills.

Ooty is a beautiful place. It was cold in December but bustling with people. After the mandatory Botanical Garden and Lake visit we were driving back to Bangalore. I was already feeling dizzy with all the driving for three days. We had a quick lunch at a restaurant before our descend.

Next day we were joining on work, all I wanted was to reach home little early and have a good sleep. I asked the driver if there is a fast but safe route to which he promptly said yes.

He drove slow, we at the back seat. The window on my side is rolled down as I wanted to breathe in the fresh air. But gradually my head started becoming heavy. With every turn, which were quite frequent, I was sliding on my husband’s side. Things inside head and stomach were swirling like as if a washing machine is on!

This driver was driving through bends – the dreaded hairpin bends!!!

I was prepared with a sickness bag and a lemon! [Ohh, this is a good tip, if you feel sick while travelling in the hills, feel nauseous any time, keep a lemon/lime handy. The aroma of it keeps you better. This is tried and tested, it helped even during pregnancy!!]

There were moments when I wanted to shout STOP THE CAR. But I stayed calm breathing through the lemon. Indro understood I was sick, he offered water like a good husband and asked if I wanted to halt for sometime. But halting on a hilly road means problem for drivers of both the sides. So I continued.

There was moment, when I thought I’ll tell them you go ahead in the car, I’ll walk down!

But somehow the lemon kept helping. I was distracting my mind to various things – people at work, cricket, blah blah. When nothing was working I thought of sleeping, but that didn’t work out too.

I was praying inside this darn winding road should just end.

Guess what – I SURVIVED. I survived 36 hairpin bends while coming down from the hill!!!! For me it’s like I have scaled the Everest! By the time I was in plain lands I was much better.

But I have vowed never to visit Ooty again!

Do you get nauseous in the hills? Or have a similar experience?

Until next time, Cheers!!


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Tina Basu

1 Comment on #AtoZChallenge 2016 Day 8 – Hair Pin Bends

  1. live and learn
    April 9, 2016 at 11:43 pm (3 years ago)

    Yes, I get sick in the hills, valleys, airplanes, and even feel a little dizzy in elevators if they go too fast. Motion sickness is not fun. I feel your pain. 🙁


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