Yeppiiii.. On post 26 without missing a single day… yay!!!! and for all my readers XOXO…

It’s really short for Zen cause i am in my zen  with my latest buy. Ting!

Restless Ella

Ella was restless.

She paced up and down the room.

It was three in the night but there was no sign of tiredness on her face.

She kept looking at the time.

She didn’t want to sit, she didn’t want to sleep, she was twitchy and was getting very impatient.

She wanted it quick but she knew she had to wait.

Several minutes passed by and a sudden ring of bell brought a little smile on ella.

She had her amazing moment of indulgence which brought a simle and content for Ella.

She had reached her state of Zen with this one spoonful.

Someone said right, cravings could drive people mad at these times.

Ella enjoyed her bowl full of freshly baked caramel custard in the wee hours of the night and smiled to herself.  

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