I was just checking out my own blog today – I don’t know why – and figured out lately I have been blogging quite a lot. Do you remember I was sulking some time back on how people post everyday and each month they have so many posts and so on. I just realized in the last seven months I had 115 posts!!! And this one is my 116thone!!!!!!! I am super happy with it. It’s only mid –year and I have more than 100 posts – Tina does a happy dance :).

This wouldn’t have happened if I had not participated in the A to Z Challenge or the Ultimate Blog Challenge – that technically gave me 61 post!! But thank god I participated in them – otherwise to get a lazy blogger like me to do so many posts is a huge task!!! And in course of that I got to know so many awesome bloggers!

Now can I do 135 posts more this year??? You never know… I still have 4 months to go… Brace yourself guys for loads of fiction, reviews and a lot of things!!!

Thank you readers for dropping by and liking what I blabber. You are the inspiration and your comments and encouragement mean a lot to me. 

Tina Basu

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