It looks like the Queen’s land is hit badly by the Tsunami. Okay now don’t treat this as a world news headline. What I am referring here is the Tsunami of defeats. The English cricket team stands red faced now after two surreal defeats in the world cup league matches. As I watched the Bangla team lose their wickets one by one, I was thinking if only they could hold on to their nerves the game could change. And I think they just heard me.
I feel, it is a lesson for any team big or small, that a ninth wicket pair came together, held on to their nerves, and played bravely, I should say very sensibly and brought a moment of joy for the numerous Bangla supporters. At one point of time even they had lost hopes and joined the beeline for exit. But whoever stayed back, I guess, got to watch a match that they’ll never forget in a long time.
England, for me has turned out to be the most unpredictable team in the World Cup. They have managed to make heroes in their oppositions. Names of Kevin O’Brien, Shafiul Islam, Mohammed Mahmudulla are going to be remembered in cricket history for a long time and England should get a lot of credit for that. However, The English team looked at its best against India and even managing to win against South Africa, supposedly two of the strongest teams of the world cup.
Bangla players, poor fellows got stoned at their homes for being all out for 58, but with yesterday’s win I won’t be surprised if the fans now try to rebuild their hero’s houses!

Tina Basu

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