We all love humor in life, don’t we? I love films with a good amount of humor. But do you also enjoy dark humor? I do, I like offbeat films once in a while. It’s good to enjoy all kinds of films.  Just saw the trailer of Dark Brew on YouTube which stars the funny man, Vinay Pathak, in a not so funny role.

dark brew

Produced by Warewolf Films this 2017 release is going to come out in both Hindi and English languages for a larger audience.

Dark Brew -The Movie Synopsis

The movie revolves around a Man’s realization where he visualizes in his dream that his wife has caught him two-timing with another female and in the process also learns that she has plotted to kill him in the process. When the man wakes up he realizes he is still alive and starts firmly believing that his wife will actually kill him. Will he survive? Will his consciousness make him a loyal man?

Directed by Akash Goila, a visionary entrepreneur, and film director – Dark Brew looks different. Akash wishes to transform the short filmmaking scene by launching short theaters in India and transform the way filmmaking is done at grass root levels via his and Aashish Sachdeva’s brand Filmeraa.

Lead Actors

Dark Brew stars Vinay Pathak as Anila Vadera who’s a writer, Sheetal Thakur as Ria Bajaj who’s a psychiatrist and Shibani Bedi as Geeta Vadera, an ex-dancer.

Dark Brew

A man commits a sin his dream and gets killed, will he survive when he wakes up? Watch the Trailer.


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