Pain relieving foams are fast becoming popular, but are sprays better for you? Let’s find out.

moov spray

Mankind grapples with a lot of pain on a daily basis. In fact, most of us are unaware of the several niggling pains and aches building up in the body over the course of a day. It is only when the pain makes itself felt that you take note of it.

Life is so hectic today, that even young children are in constant stress. This stress translates itself into body ache that may be dull at first. Over time, if not treated or paid attention to, the pain can develop into a bigger phenomenon that you cannot ignore. The pain can occur anywhere in the body, but most often in the parts of most use – such as the back, shoulders, legs and major joints.

Dealing with pain – foams v/s sprays

Most people who deal with fatigue-induced pain use pain relieving medication for relief. However, topical applications of creams, foams and sprays are a better alternative.

Pain relieving foams are slowly gaining popularity in India, owing to their widespread use in treating sport-related injuries. They exhibit deep, rapid penetrating action to offer relief within minutes of application. The foam is applied on the skin and allowed to dry, where it begins to form a fine powder as it dries. Its liquid component penetrates into the painful tissues and joints to numb the intensity of pain.

However, the foam is not a very convenient option if one is to use it daily. For one thing, it takes a little time for the foam to get to work – on application, you have to wait for it to dry. Then you have to wipe off the residue off your skin when the foam dries into powder. Besides, pain relieving foams are quite expensive in India as of yet, because they are not widely available like creams and sprays.

In contrast, pain relieving sprays like Moov work much better and faster than foams do. Moov spray exhibits effective, fast action on application – just spray the painful site and let the liquid get absorbed into the skin. Upon absorption, Moov spray goes deep into the painful joint or muscle and gets to work on numbing the pain at once.

Moov spray is a more economical, faster acting and completely convenient pain relief remedy. You can use it anywhere, anytimemoov spray.

How to use Moov pain relief spray

  • Clean the skin where the spray is to be applied. Make sure the skin is not cut or irritated.
  • Apply the spray in a short blast, holding the can about 10 cm away from the skin.
  • You may gently rub the liquid into the skin to aid absorption, but the liquid dries up on its own as well.
  • Rest the painful body part after applying the spray. Ideally, you should spray the area just before bed.

Dealing with daily aches and pains becomes easier when you have a reliable pain relieving system like Moov creams and sprays to help!

moov spray


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