Post my marriage we moved into this apartment complex after days of tiresome house hunting. The biggest relief for me was its proximity to my office, it is only a 10 minute walk (no wonder I wake up so late).
Now ever since we moved in Indro has been asking me that we should go and introduce ourselves to our neighbors so that we get to know them and the other way round. But the lazy soul I am, I haven’t got the time to do that as yet. It is somehow not only about time and being lazy but I kind of feel very weird that I suddenly knock on some ones door and start the I-am-your-new-neighbor story. I know I’ll find it weird if someone did that to me.
My new married life in my new home had just started off in peace till I got a ring on my doorbell one fine evening. I ran to open the door, leaving Facebook behind, thinking it might be my husband and I’ll be the good wife and welcome him for a change (all inspired by our Bollywood). But when I opened the door there wasn’t any soul nearby. I thought it must be some kid playing a prank. I had seen quite a lot of kids playing in and around the building. I returned back to my room and resumed chatting with a long lost friend from school. After a few minutes the bell rang again. This time also there was no one. After few more such bell ringing I stopped attending the door.
Next evening, same bell ringing resumed. After getting myself fooled for the first time, I stopped opening the door from then on. This soon became a routine and I stopped attending doors in the evening when I am not expecting anyone. Indro also often gets fooled in similar fashion. He has come up with a new ideology for this according to which I should go and start playing with the kids and make friends with them. I say that’s a bad idea! And even for that I need to sight them first near my door. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to get hold of the prankster(s) as yet. L
One evening when we were about to go out for shopping I saw a little boy with loads of excitement in his eyes running towards our door. But his timing was bad (if I assume he is the one playing pranks) as I happened to open the door before he did anything. The expression on his face was a sight to look at. That small little soul – all of just 3 feet – didn’t even understand what to do, so he just flashed a smile and fled! So far this is my only luck in sighting my prospective ‘eve-teaser’! [I must say this is a better ‘eve-teasing’ than the other notorious one – let me clear here I mean eveing teasting and not ‘Eve-teasing’].
But I can’t complain much on this. I remember when I was a kid the ground floor apartment of our building was still vacant and I loved to ring the bell whenever I passed that area. Once when we were returning home after a dinner and waiting for the elevator to come down, I rang the bell of the ground floor apartment almost at 1130 in the night! To my surprise one old fellow answered the door in a half asleep state. I was totally unaware if anyone had moved in there. My dad apologized to the poor fellow and I was left red faced! You can guess what I must have got after that from my parentsJ. Thankfully the poor old man didn’t yell at me for waking him up at the middle of the night!
But I was good enough to not repeat such an incident again, but these pranksters in my apartment don’t seem to be that good. All you little Munchkins I know how exciting it is to play pranks, but at least be a little generous towards some poor beings like us at times! I hope one day they get tired of ringing bells!

I guess this is what they think after each ring!

Image Source: istockphotos

Tina Basu

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