Aren’t babies the most wonderful creation of god? Innocent little souls who only know how to give overload of love and joy to their families. Why only families, isn’t a cute little grin of a new born little baby the most amazing thing in the world for anyone?

On the other hand a baby doesn’t ask much from you. They give you love unconditionally. But when you have a new born or a little toddler in your home it’s not always rosy specially for the mother. When you become a mom it’s like a full time job without any leave, but the joys you get to see your baby give you a smile is worth it.

My little nephew had this amazing talent of knowing when to get cranky to get all the attention. Aren’t babies’ big attention seekers? But that is exactly what makes them so cute. It was a great deal putting him to sleep – he always decided when to sleep when he was just few months old. Staying awake like an owl was his habit which eventually was forced upon everyone around!

You need to be very careful with infants on what is bothering them – are they feeling cold, feeling hot, hungry, wants a diaper change – I could never guess why my nephew was crying! Specially when they are cranky in the mornings when they wake up. We had a lot of permutation combination experimented on changing crib location, softer sleeping clothes, more pillows. But for a long time we had no idea what was wrong. There were several SOS calls to the child specialist and loads of advises from elders in the family on what to do, but not everything helped for long.

Then we figured out may be he is not feeling dry enough with all the dampening of diapers through the night. Cloth diaper was a big no no as we didn’t want him to have rashes or feel wet. But the diapers were not dry enough. We had tried out almost all sorts of diaper brands available in the market but night time things failed to keep the little guy dry on his skin.

My sister changed to the new Pampers Baby Dry Pants to see if it worked as it promised. And guess what he woke up a happy kid with a wide grin. It was amazing to see him sleep peacefully and wake up happy. The diaper not only soaked everything brilliantly and was dry outside without any leakage it was also dry enough inside. It saved all the irritation and redness that he was facing.

He loved all these peppy Bollywood music – we played the music in the morning and he was happy to give a little shake and a wide smile. As he started growing up he picked up a liking for these songs and loved to jump around in his baby chair whenever they were played. We hope and pray he grows up to be a happy and good human being.

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Tina Basu

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