This should be interesting. I absolutely love watching movies. I specially like horror, action and science fiction in the same order of preference. It’s very difficult to choose just three favourite movies, there are so many movies that I like and can watch again and again. So I have decided to pick movies with which I have certain memories attached to. They might not be like the Super hit Blockbusters of usual choice but they are very dear to me.

      1.       The Return of Oz – I don’t know how many people have heard 
      of this. Everyone I guess have heard/seen The Wizard of Oz  – the 1939 MGM movie. The Return of Oz is not a sequel to the MGM movie. 
     This was an attempt by Walt Disney to create the magic of Oz in color in 1985. This movie shares a special relation with me. When I was a kid there were only two channels in t he TV – DD National & DD Metro
      that too DD Metro used to come for few hours of the day. Apart from that people in my house used to rent video tapes from the nearby video library and watched movies almost every weekend, and my aunts and mom even in the afternoon. My dad had bought few cassettes too along with our VCR. It all sounds pre historic but I was three or four from 
      when I can remember these stuffs. Once of those video cassettes was 
     The Return of Oz bought for all the kids to enjoy. I was too young probably to know by its name I always remembered it as the ‘daini buri’ (old witch) film. I used to be amazed with these characters of Tik Tok, Jack the Pumpkin Head, Scarecrow, Tin Man for a long time in my childhood. I used to feel they were real and curse that Mombi 
      (the witch) and I also planned if I was ever in Dorothy’s place what all I will do to escape the witch [ for a long time I believed all these to be real]. I don’t know how many times I have watched this movie. But the cassette is no longer there, it got lost somewhere, and I didn’t even know the actual name of the movie so that I could search for a CD. I only remembered OZ and every one directed me to the 1939 film. Anyways its very recently that I finally found out about the movie and downloaded it J. CD/DVD was not available anywhere. I would have bought spending some bucks coz its very dear to me. And again when I saw I remembered my innocent wishes, imaginations I think I can still watch it.

     2.       Kaho Na Pyaar Hai –  Okay this is a very biased choice. The film might look silly to people but I have yet again some good memories attached to it. I was in 6th or 7th standard when this movie released. But the affection towards the movie goes back to the first ever promo of this movie that was released in Oct-Nov 1999. There was this scene in the promo where an unshaved Hrithik is running with Ameesha on a beach. I was sitting with a cousin and watching some music program when this promo had come and instantly he started saying ‘every one becomes a hero these days, this guy will not work’. Somehow I felt this unshaved rugged looking boy has very handsome features and I think he looks yummy J. Then after sometime  I had seen this promo where a perfectly dressed Hrithik (Raj – the second character) walks away a flying ‘dupatta’ in hand. The super handsome face and bright eyes behind the spects had already bowled me over. And I knew before its release this one movie will be great if not for story/music/screenplay but then definitely for this awesome looking new actor and I am definitely watching it. J And my 6th standard prediction was quite correct as it turned out to be the new craze of the millennium. I did watch this movie and loved every bit of it. Even if someone says it’s a silly Bollywood masala movie, I still love it. And you will never believe how many times I have seen this movie – its more than 100 and I have stopped counting!!! I finally got a DVD and keep watching it time to time. These days when it comes in TV I try to watch it but I hate the long breaks. When I saw it first I thought everything was beautiful and perfect in the movie, but yes mostly I have seen this movie for the one & only HrithikJ.

These two movies are sitting on top of my list and will top any day because of the special memories and emotions attached to it. Apart from this no other movie is so dear to me. But for the third one my criteria is little different. I like horror movies, specially to watch them at night with lights off. I like the ambience. I do not believe in or am scared of ghosts so I like it quite a lot. We used to do these stuffs a lot in PG and few of my friends were quite scared at the end of back to back horror movies. But I have to say I have not seen any horror movie till date which has scared me – I have d them in theatre and DVD. I somehow find them funny at times. I have watched most of them – Echo, Grudge, 6th Sense, Shutter, Friday the 13th, Dracula, Exorcist, Scream, Dawn of the Dead, Orphan etc etc… but I didn’t feel a chill in the spine by anyone of those. My friends told Pranormal Activity was great and I felt it was too boring and stupid. 

3.  There is this one movie which I thought was really good. So it’s the best horror movie I have seen so far. It’s Hostel. It has nothing to do with ghosts, spirits etc. But the story and cinematography was amazing. I don’t think this 2005 movie by Eli Roth was any hit, but I am telling you its raw, creepy, gory, bloody, grotesque and bizarre. There are some torture scenes which are really ugly yet really good. [in the sense how it should be in a horror film] If you can in take some amount of gory bloody scenes, it’s a must watch. Hostel 2 was also great but by that time you start expecting something. I have read lots of negative reviews about this movie on the bizarre torture scenes, nudity, blood etc but if you cannot watch that then why watch a horror movie? But I frankly think it’s a great watch.

Well I don’t know if I did proper justice by choosing only three films. I have loved so many films over the time from Roman Holiday to Veer Zara. I like films of all genres mostly. I had film studies as one of my pass papers during my graduation. There are few films (age old/black & white and few banned documentaries) which I have seen and still remember feeling great that I got to see them. If any one of you like world cinema you can watch Bicycle Thieves (Italian), Close up (Iranian), Kandahar (done In Persian & English both). UTV World Movies is a very good channel to catch up some good cinema.
P.S. – If you can suggest me some great horror movies which I don’t know/am not aware of it will be great. I really want to see some good horror/action movies. I be glad if you people suggest me some. Thanks in advance J.
Well I don’t think the formatting problem has been fixed as yet. Things are still looking weird.

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Tina Basu

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