Three consecutive postings… I don’t think I have ever written so much J. Today time for the eight fears of my life. Well I do not fear a lot of things… I’ll have to really think for this post.
      1.     The biggest fear of my life till now has been the feeling of falling from a height. I am not scared of height nor do I feel scared to look down from an enormous height. So I cannot term myself of having acrophobia, but each time my flights have been going through bad weather or in air pocket I have felt this is going to be my last day J. This also happens when I am  in any roller coaster in any amusement park.
     2.       I am scared of all those creepy crawly creatures which includes lizards, cockroaches, SNAKES, rodents etc etc
     3.       I have a weird fear of losing the technology that I use every day. If under any circumstances if my laptop, internet, phone, electricity etc. doesn’t work I don’t know what I will do.
     4.       This is exactly not a fear but I’ll dread the day when I’ll have to be financially dependent on any one.
     5.       Yes I am scared of being in pain. So far I have fortunately never come across any major disease in life nor any surgery. Apart from high fevers, malarial fever and disc pressure pain in spine I haven’t gone through any major pain. But I just hope I do not have to across a time where I have to experience any unbearable pain.
    6.       This has happened a few times so I think I should mention. I am not very comfortable with the traffic scenario in the country. I am always fearful that suddenly a person/scooter cycle/auto rickshaw will zoom in right in front when I am driving and then I’ll be in trouble. I hope someday people stick to proper traffic rules.
     7.       I am scared of losing all my money. Not that I am careless or I tend to go overboard while spending but you never know what can happen next specially when we are going through recession after recession. I just don’t want to face a situation where I am so short of funds that I need to panic.
     8.       At last I reach my last point, I am happy. I think this is quite common with everyone. I do not want to lose my near and dear ones. I love my family immediate & extended and friends. Life won’t be life without.
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Tina Basu

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