I have been looking forward to writing on this very interesting series of posts ever since I read it in my friend Debosmita’s blog. And within the last few weeks I think everyone has tagged themselves to the 10 Day You Challenge.   Now that I have some time I think it’s my time to tag along!
This is how it works. One has to post for ten consecutive days, on the topics mentioned in the image. Well I am not sure if I can live up to the ten consecutive posting every day, but let’s see… And I guess, by the end of the ten posts a mini auto biography will be ready. Since I cannot resist any more let me start spilling the beans.

   1.  I am super talkative: My teachers at school always complained to my mother at every PTA ‘your daughter is very talkative’. This talkative nature never left me. When I do not have anyone to talk to I start talking to myself. And I simply love that – I talk to myself like a friend, philosopher and guide J And at times I do yell at myself if I realize I am wrong. Once, irritated with my jabbering my mum had told me to go and talk to the wall in my room. I guess it all started with that. But I love being my friend J
    2.     I am lazy to the core. I’ll have million ideas to do this and that at home/office but I almost always give in to my lazy nature. I can give serious competition to the laziest sloth J
   3.    I hate milk. I have always hated it in my life so far. My mum used to run behind me with a glass of milk every single day and I used to come up with new plans of throwing it away (it’s not something great that I used to do, I realize now, but I was a kid.) The day I was over with my tenth standard final exams I got a written letter signed by my mum that she will never force me for drinking milk! After that I have only drank milk in form of hot chocolate, milk shake etc J [Disclaimer: KIDS DON’T READ THIS POST]
   4.   My friends say I am very unlike a Scorpio, but I know where my Scorpio trait lies. I never forget or forgive a person who wronged me. I may not take a destructive revenge (I might like to actually) but I never forget the incident or person involved – I can recollect it as if it happened yesterday.
   5.    I hate people who take advantage of me, my help and at times I wish all hell breaks loose on them J
   6.   I absolutely love travelling and have gone on for short vacations by myself without telling anyone! 10 days before my marriage I was attending a friends engagement in Kerala all in secrecy J and only a handful of my friends knew about it coz they were there with me.
   7.   I have done blunders in some of my vacations.
i)        I lost my little money in a casino in Genting Highlands, I borrowed some dollars from a friend and lost that tooL. (I gave it back the next day though).
ii)       In Italy I couldn’t resist the awesome red wine and since I knew my parents won’t like me drinking I sat with my guide and the Italian driver in the front of the bus and gulped down the small wine bottles(Not the Roman way I guess )J.
iii)     We were in a first class train travelling from Cairo to Aswan. I was sharing my coup with a friend, the entire compartment was given to our huge group. When everyone chose veg instead of beef we went up straight to the pantry in secrecy and ordered beef for us and enjoyed it with local beer (the beer wasn’t great though). Till this day I don’t think many knew about this.
There are many more stuffs that we had done – especially in Bangalore (college & PG), Cairo, Aswan, Istanbul and Paris. Its better I do not reveal it here, but all those friends who were partners in crime are reading this they’ll know what fun we had.
   8.       I am very very very bad in maths. I sometimes take minutes in calculating silly stuffs when I am in shops.
   9.       I always wanted to be a doctor. I was good in biology. But I did so bad in maths in my tenth that I didn’t take up science. But I have ready anatomy on my own – I keep reading on anatomy whenever I find a chance. And I do have acquired some knowledge about little human body parts.
  10.   I used to sing quite well when I was young, me and my cousins used to record our voices in cassettes. There used to be a family duel since my dad wanted me to learn music and my mom wanted me to learn classical dance [typical bong parent traits]. Most of my cousins used to sing very well. My dad got me a music teacher. The first day he came and told me – ‘from now on No Cold Drink, No Cold Water, NO ICE CREAM, no sour food’ that day I decided NO MUSIC for me. Somehow I got rid of that teacher and concentrated more on dance. But dance is something I have loved always and have been dancing from a age of 3 or 4. Now if I feel like singing I limit myself to the bathroom or someplace where I am alone. 
     So tomorrow is the the Nine Loves Day.
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Tina Basu

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