I am reading a lot these days… reading books and sooooo many blogs…. At times I feel tired of working working working and some more working… it’s always better to take a break between work to have a fresh mind. I call it a creative break to keep away the creative mind’s block J.

While on such a surfing spree I came across a cute and funny Tag post on fashion and brands here. So I thought I’ll tag myself J. I think tag posts are lot of fun. 

Coming to fashion, while in college I was quite fashion savvy when it came to bags, watches and shoes. I still am and have a huuuuuge fetish on shoes and bags. Indro had almost frozen in awe/shock/disbelief when I declared I needed a lot of storage space for my 57 pairs of shoes. J Yes I do posses them and now I have stopped counting them:D. And I am equally crazy on collecting bags of all shapes. It’s good to splurge at times. My friends always pulled my leg whenever I came back from a shopping trip. But the retail therapy is good at times to change mood. 😀 It so works for me. This just reminded me there are so many things I can write on such shopping trips – some other post some other time may be. J
So here goes the tag – if you like it then tag-along. I have modified the list a bit and have changed/added some stuffs .
The Tag is on How many of these fashion items do you have? A list of must-have fashion items for men and women which some website has complied!
Guides to adhere:
(1) Copy the list on your blog. (2) Bold those items that you have, italicize the ones you don’t fit into anymore!!! (3) If you have an alternate or BETTER brand, write it. (4) Tag your friends to see how they’re going. Tag me as well so I can see your responses ! [rules are also copied from JB]

  1. Little black dress   – Yep I do have 2 of them, one of which had floored Indro when I wore it on our second date on Vday J
  2. Black flats  – I so love them
  3. Gold hoop earrings  – I so hate wearing gold
  4. Mac waterproof mascara 
  5. A black clutch  – I love my bags
  6. Sling bag  – yep I do
  7. Gucci /Hermes-Berkin/Chanel/Prada Bag  – Sadly have 2 D&Gs only L
  8. Light-colored cotton saree/ A vintage summer dress 
  9. Summer scarf 
  10. Bright-colored umbrella – Currently using a bright green one
  11. A red/purple/blue handbag J
  12. Over-sized t-shirt  – Many
  13. Pencil skirt  L I don’t fit into it [howling]
  14. Black crepe/georgette saree 
  15. Louboutin shoes/high heels – L Want a Jimmy Choo
  16. Le Smoking Jacket/Suit By YSL  – I only have perfumes by YSL
  17. Trench coat 
  18. Crisp white cotton button-down blouse/shirt  
  19. Solid wash jeans 
  20. Leather jacket 
  21. Pair of black pumps 
  22. Knee-length boots 
  23. Silver earrings/baalis/hoops 
  24. Leather / satin/ kid gloves 
  25. Sexy black/red stilettos 
  26. Turquoise stone bangles 
  27. Ipod 
  28. Platform shoes 
  29. Sexy swimsuit 
  30. Toe ring 
  31. Tattoo – My only tattoo experience till date are the ones that you used to get with Boomer when I was in school
  32. Black tank-top 
  33. Hot pants 
  34. Kajal/kohl 
  35. Banarasee/KanjivaramSaree Or an ethnic dress purchased when travelling 
  36. Beach sarong 
      37.  Oversized  sunglasses 
      38. White salwar kameez/ white pencil pants 
      39.  An evening gown/ Chic racing wear
      40.   Classic leather belt
      41.   Lingerie By Victoria’s Secret L
      42.   Summer hat OR a gorgeous racing hat
      43.   Chanel/Hugo Boss/Dior/YSL Perfume – J All thanks to Indro
      44.   Silk stockings
      45.   Iphone  – I wish I had one
      46.   Kundan choker/ studded choker 
      47.   Pearl necklace 
      48.   Faux-fur outerwear 
      49.   Halterneck dress/halter top 
      50.   Body-piercing 
      51.   Silver /junk anklet/bracelet/armlet 
      52.   Clinique set – and also by SHESEIDO
      53.    Churidaar-kameez Or skinny jeans
      54.    Platinum band/Ring – My precious engagement ring
      55.  Bracelet watch

So I think I have a lot of these, so I am not a disaster. That’s great in fact. But the saddest part, for most of these I have to wait till a weekend or a vacation! But again a question arose in my mind, is following brands fashion??

Tina Basu

2 Comments on Tag: Fashion disaster, Am I?

  1. Arcopol Chaudhuri
    August 22, 2011 at 2:25 pm (7 years ago)

    Oops. Couldn't find something for myself. By the way, ever wondered why sunglasses are required to be oversized? 🙂

  2. Shaan
    August 25, 2011 at 4:11 am (7 years ago)

    Nobody wants to be a fashion disaster and people wear stuff in which they think are looking good…And if its like this then let them be happy about it. No need to judge anybody's fashion sense 🙂


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