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Your life changes after having a baby – that’s a known fact. There’s a new being – in my case a hyperactive and always charged being – in your life. So you can’t think straight ever about just yourself, you always have a tail. Now I am not going to rant today about weight issues, stretch marks etc but the other significant changes that have been brought upon me – much against my wishes. No I am not having PPD (Post-partum Depression).

Patience is a Virtue!


Whoever coined that phrase must be a mommy. I used to think I am a patient per
son, a good listener and quite a calm person. I used to counsel my friends in my PG and listen quite patiently about their problems – yeah love and relationship problems. But I never knew all that would be put to test once a little 75 cm tall man will enter my life. Much against my wishes, much against my nature towards anyone –for that matter- I find myself screaming at my kid!!! Okay don’t judge me, I love him, but I lose it sometimes. I am doing the 10-1 countdown every time I am on the verge of losing it. But I am a human after all – and might not be the perfect mom!

The Tress Mess

I have had long hair almost all through my youth. I used to take some sort of a pride (if I may) in my naturally straight waist length hair. All through the pregnancy I had great bouncy hair and glowing skin and even after delivery and hormonal changes the hair fall was okayish. But ever since the little hulk turned 6 months I am literally counting the leftovers! More than the hormonal hair fall I am a victim of hair being pulled out. Bluey takes great pleasure in pulling my hair with all his strength. He thinks it is some sort of a play! No amount of scolding, screaming, yelling, crying, pleading, begging has worked out till now. I don’t know if there will be any hair strands left by the time he is a little older to understand these things! I am too embarrassed to photograph the fallen hair every time I put my hand on my hair!


Emotional Fool

Pregnancy hormone does this to you, I have read. But even after one year of giving birth??? There was a time when I used to think – or rather was – a strong girl emotionally. So things like friend problems, break ups, family problems, work related problems never got me so worked up. I knew it, it’s not the end of the world and nothing could make me shed a tear. But lately, I have become an emotional box of tissues! I have cried lately while watching movies, reading books, thinking about my son’s teething issues, and even when the maids didn’t turn up!!! That is so not me – but yeah that is me now! If you are not emotional all the time after becoming a mom, there’s something not normal!


Okay, let me not tell you anymore and make this a rant post! I am getting emotional thinking about Mr. Darcy currently – how bad he would have felt being rejected by Elizabeth in the first place. Just finished re-reading Pride & Prejudice and am into Darcy world currently – now that’s not normal right? But that’s what the pandemonium is – nothing is normal after having a child I guess!

If you are a new mom you can’t escape this pandemonium – it might be different for you, but you will see some change. Or is it different for you? Share your experiences with me ladies.

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  1. Geets
    July 22, 2016 at 8:02 pm (1 year ago)

    Awww.. All I’ll say is enjoy your motherhood. It is all part and parcel of being a mother I guess!



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