In the last two weeks I saw myself handicapped, dependant, confined to bed, and bored to hell. I suffered a bad back problem which almost left me crippled for some time when I could neither walk nor sit. That’s the reason for fewer posts in June. For a second on that fateful Sunday morning I thought my back and right leg had become paralyzed! I know I think too much at times…
All the doctor said I could do was lye straight and watch the ceiling!! No TV no Laptop, no getting up, no going out, no work, no nothing…. Now I know what prisoners might feel in solitary. How can someone just spend days watching the ceiling! Anyways I couldn’t help myself much because I couldn’t even move. L
For some time now I was cribbing to my friends on how worked up I am… I think God heard me… but heard me in a wrong time in a wrong way. I did get to sleep a lot… a whole lot… and managed to read some novels too… Indro said this perhaps was the first time when I read up so much… 😀 [I don’t like reading novels that much… I am more of a newspaper or a magazine person… I always felt novels take up a lot of time to finish off.]
Then started a week of physio at the hospital… and yes I did get scared to hear about the ‘electrotherapy’.  I almost made the therapist laugh when I asked if they are going to give me electric shock and its gonna hurt like hell. I think he still thinks why do I have so many questions for him 😀
But I am so thankful to the doc and therapist for getting me upright so soon. Those electrical waves worked like magic and I am back to work and back to being normal. J Indro was too sweet, he took care of each little thing and almost got on my nerves to make sure I am lying in the positions recommended by the doc and watching the ceiling!
I just came across an irony of life, people complain for standing for a long time and I am in pain when I sit for a long time! Poor me.. And the culprit is my best friend… computer and laptop… how do I reduce using you and sitting in front of you?

Tina Basu

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  1. sawan
    July 17, 2011 at 9:47 am (8 years ago)

    🙂 hopefully u wud be much more careful when u pray something the next time 😛


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