Which is the one thing love about Myself? IDK may be! But is that so?

When I sat down to write this post I was thinking what to write – rather which is that one thing that I like the most about myself? I am no saint, I do have flaws (e.g. I am a master procrastinator) so I love bits and pieces of me and also have many things that I don’t like (and I am not working on changing them either!)

love about myself

How am I as a Person?

People who know me, knows me as a dynamic person who’s upto something or the other because I can’t keep my mind free! I don’t know what is it to sit idle (other than the occasional lazing around). I have most of the traits of being a Scorpio – I love to love people, I am friendly, I am social and have my loyalties in right place. But is that all that I like about myself?


I remember an incident of my childhood when we had gone for an outing and I wanted to swim. We were having breakfast by the pool and I saw kids almost my age jumping in the pool and swimming like pros. I was 5 or 6 that time. My mom had already dressed me up in a swimming costume, though I didn’t know swimming that time! So I thought all I needed t do for swimming was get up from my chair and jump in the blue waters and it’s all sorted. And I did just that! Few seconds later I was under the water with a burning nose and throat! In a few seconds two hands had fished me out and I looked like a wet damp cat! Next was one tight slap from my mom once I was placed on the sides by the trainer!

That was the day that started my water phobia! I hated to be in the water though I love water. Some years later my dad took me to a local swimming club and enrolled me for swimming classes. I swear I didn’t get in the pool for two days. I was sitting on the stairs with tears in my eyes. Dad sat me down by the side of the pool and said a few things which sounded like punishment. He asked why was I so scared? Did I feel I’ll die inside the pool?

You have to be brave. You have to conquer your fear. No one will help you in this. You have to do it yourself. – My Dad

One thing that I love about Myself

I was swimming well in a few weeks and then in the lake in a few months! These words have guided me through my life. Life is never a bed of roses, it throws you challenges. I have been relatively good at handling those. I am not fearful, nor do I live in fear – unless it’s a flying cockroach! Whether it’s coming to a new city and getting admitted in a college all by myself, or tricking the thief, living on my own and learning life skills, taking friends to ER I have done a few crazy things.

The decision to quit my career in FMCG and starting on my own was big decision. Everyone needs to manage their finances and when you have bought an apartment recently you are neck deep in debt. A large chuck of the fund goes in EMI. In that situation managing the courage to quit a monthly salary yet not losing financial freedom completely is a big step. I did have the confidence in myself that I will be able to manage that part so I took the plunge. I try to help the man as much to relieve him of financial stress yet give ample time to the little man.

I know in future, even if I have a crisis in front of me, I’ll face it and overcome it. Because I know no one can help me but myself!

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love about myself

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4 Comments on One Thing I Love About Myself – #ThankfulThursdays Week 41

  1. zainab
    October 27, 2017 at 6:18 pm (1 year ago)

    I’m pretty panicky if faced with challenged. I know at the end its only me who can help me. but well panic stay!
    I’m super proud of you.

  2. Varsh
    October 30, 2017 at 10:08 am (1 year ago)

    You are a brave girl, Tina. I commend you for it. It takes a lot of courage to swim against the tide but you’re doing it, and well. Happy to know you!


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