It is that time of the year when these little nasty fellows make you go crazy I am talking about the MOSQUITOES. Not even half an inch in size they can get you down and out in no time. I got even more worried about them when one of my colleague got diagnosed with dengue and was admitted in the ICU for a very long time. His blood platelet count went down as low as 11k which is like really really bad. But thankfully, he is okay now with the timely treatment and is back to work after 3 weeks.

Bangalore is specially bad with regard to mosquitoes. I really don’t know why. Weather over is never damp and moist nor does it have that swamp sort of areas. Now all my life I knew mosquitoes being the tiny little monsters can’t fly high up. So if you were staying on ground floor level or near a water body you can encounter them. You won’t believe me if I tell you I stay on the 12th floor and still I get a good number of them visiting my place if I keep my windows open in the evening. Sometimes I fail to understand how. I have noticed the traveling in lifts also. Now don’t laugh at me. I have found mosquitoes inside and around lift, I always take care to get rid of mosquitoes while opening my front door.

Now why am I writing this post exactly? Is it a rant? Is t my agony and pain? No. I have been searching natural methods to keep these monstrous things away from my house. And I thought it’s only good if I share them with you all here.

Now everyone uses some sort a mosquito repellant in India – either the vaporizer, or mat, or coil, or card you even have apps now-a-days. Yeah really when I was using my Android device earlier I downloaded an app called mosquito replant or bug replant. It gives of some sort of a sound signal which supposedly keeps the mosquito at bay. But it didn’t work. Sometimes these vaporizers also don’t have any effect on the mosquitoes. And the coils make me crazy. I might faint with that smell, but don’t know about the mosquitoes though!

You could make your own natural mosquito repellents.

Lime & Clove

Lime and clove are known not only to have medicinal benefits they also work well to keep mosquitoes and flies away. Cut a lime in halve and insert cloves in it. Place it on a plate and keep it near your balcony, window or any place where mosquitoes may enter.

Check out the you tube video.

Garlic Plant in your terrace

This one works wonders. Wrap some cloves of garlic in a moist cloth including the outer skin. You’ll see it sprout in two days. Plant this in a tub with manure. This garlic plant will keep flies and mosquitoes at bay.

Garlic Spray

You could also make a garlic spray. Make some garlic juice in your juicer and put it in a spray bottle. Add water in the spray bottle and shake. Spray in the balcony and terraces. You could soak some muslin cloth in this spray and keep that in the room.

Tulsi or Basil Plant

Generally Indian households have a tulsi plant and I recently got one. It is said to keep the mosquitoes away.

What do you do to keep the mosquitoes at bay?
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Tina Basu

1 Comment on Keep the Mosquitoes at bay

  1. Shailaja V
    September 21, 2014 at 9:47 pm (5 years ago)

    I use Neem leaves. They are natural, very effective and safe on the skin. My pediatrician had recommended them for my daughter and we started using neem powder and neem oil on ourselves too. The other thing we use is Citronella oil. Just a drop i sufficient, when used in a candle dispenser 🙂


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