Being completely cut off from communication for last few days (thanks to our service providers) I was completely unaware of things occurring around me for almost 2 weeks. That’s the reason why I am posting after so long [My phone only supports all fancy social networking, instant messenger, but not blogger friendly].  Yesterday as I reached office and opened the news site I was surprised to see the headline – ‘Osama Bin Laden is dead’. Such a massive incident took place and I was completely unaware! But as it sunk in I couldn’t help myself but read through almost all articles on all news portals before anything else. And yes like every other peace loving person on earth I am happy about this death.
I can still remember as a school going girl how shocked I was with the disturbing and horrifying pictures of The World Trade Centre coming down one by one and people running all across for their lives. For a long time that’s the picture which came in my nightmares and I could only curse all responsible for such a wicked event killing thousands of innocents. This happened to me sitting across thousands of miles, I can’t even imagine what people must have gone through who actually saw it right infront of their eyes. That’s one time when I read about a lot on politics and war in the Middle East, Egypt, Sudan etc relating to the big bad name Osama Bin Laden.
One terrorist dead is one terrorist less. But, today it is only a face of terror which is less. I was reading it today a caption used by a news channel – ‘End of Global Terrorism’. As I read it I thought is it? I don’t think so. Osama lately was the face of a terror outfit, yes he was the mastermind behind the 9/11 attack, but is he the only person in his terror group? NO. Is there only one such terrorist group going insane and creating ruckus? NO. They have spread faster than a virus. Al-Quida alone has sprung up in Yemen, Iraq, Algeria and god knows where all. I am sure every single terrorist attack was not masterminded by OBL. His death is an inspirational event in the context of War on terror. The extremists will be waiting to retaliate and I guess any location will be on their radar – not only US or UK or their allies.
All these extremists fighting under a global banner of jihad. What is it? From my knowledge after reading translations of Quran, jihad is an internal struggle to maintain faith. But where is it an internal struggle today? Why killing innocents? I am sure no god of any religion would want its supporters to go on a killing spree in the name of religion. But I will refrain from commenting on any religion, I am no one to do it, but yes I definitely take offence when innocent civilians are killed who don’t even get to know their faults.
Global Terror is a bigger chapter, may be the death of OBL is an introduction, but there is a lot folded under the lines. I am not being pessimistic but yes I can feel this is not the end. The day these people will be bold enough to question themselves about what they have been doing and weather these activities were necessary and get a true answer from within may be, that day we can hope for a safer future. I don’t know if I’ll be able to see that day though!

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Tina Basu

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  1. Vyankatesh
    May 7, 2011 at 4:51 pm (8 years ago)

    Hope we have more peace ahead.


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