November was here and Natasha was excited. This is the month she looked forward to in the entire year. Both her anniversary and birthday fell in November. It was time for celebrations, fun, love – everything that she liked.

This evening, unlike other days, she was back from work early. A career in marketing was daunting and demanding and both she and Rahul were engrossed in their careers in two top FMCG companies. She settled down with a mug of coffee and her iPad on the couch to catch up on news and her FB timeline. Just as she was scrolling down her timeline she came across a friend’s post on her first wedding anniversary. The post made Natasha drift into the times of her own wedding. She had met Rahul in her MBA days and after a whirlwind romance when he proposed she had immediately said a big yes. They had lucrative jobs and bright careers ahead – it seemed to be the best possible thing.

All the college romance memories brought a little curl at the end of her lips. She opened her wedding album on FB to go through the photos. She often did it to re-live the wonderful times they had spent during their wedding. Natasha went through her honeymoon pictures. They had visited New-Zealand and it was picturesque. She loved going through their photos snuggling up in a café, fishing by the lakeside. They looked inseparable in all theirs photos. Remembering the moments alone made her smile. 

But was it all same now?

Natasha drifted back to reality. When was the last time they went out for a holiday? When was the last time Rahul had held her hand and said ‘I love you’? When was the last time they just hopped over to the café, sat close and enjoyed a warm cappuccino? Natasha just couldn’t remember! There was a sudden pressure on her mind thinking about it.

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Walking up to her dresser she looked in her eyes in the mirror. Wasn’t she beautiful anymore? Wasn’t Rahul attracted in her anymore? She knew in her heart he loved her but was that love fading away with time? Where was that touch of love? They were so soaked in their jobs that there was little time for love between them. Was that how she had imagined her life with him?

Never… was the only word that came to her. 

Natasha got ready and slipped into her LBD, she wanted to look perfect tonight. Her soft skin looked bright and supple as she looked at her reflection on the mirror. 

She quickly ordered Rahul’s favorite food from their favourite Thai restaurant. She brought out the fragrant candles and readied the table for their cozy candle-lit dinner.

Natasha settled down in her couch waiting for Rahul and surfing through the net. It was 8 already and no sign of her hubby. She sent an iMessage asking Rahul about his plans for the night to which he had invariably replied “will be late”.
At first she felt hurt but then she knew how to get her Rahul back. She sent him a you tube link of a video. She knew it will work. 

Watch the beautiful video on #BringBackTheTouch

Within minutes the messenger buzzed, ‘Will be back in 20 minutes’, bringing a smile on her face.
She was determined she will bring the touch back in their lives – the touch of love, touch of care, the touch of sensuousness. She decided everyday whenever they met over breakfast or dinner she will give him a hug. She will not let him go without a hug and a kiss. 


This post of mine has been written as a part of Indi-Happy hours  on Indiblogger in association with Parachute # BringBackTheTouch. 

Tina Basu

1 Comment on Isn’t touch a very important part in your relationship? #BringBackTheTouch

  1. Anmol Rawat
    November 19, 2014 at 9:39 am (4 years ago)

    We forget that living life, loving each other, caring and sharing the moments weigh much more than the money we are earning through our jobs.

    Good post Tina 🙂 A touch indeed is enough 🙂


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