Today is the D-Day. The D-Day in here in Bangalore – it’s the polling day. And probably the only time when you see these politicians and political parties begging, pleading and are at mercy for that one vote. For five years they don’t show you their face, they pocket your hard earned money and go on foreign trips, if you go with a problem they throw you out or get that inevitable sentence “Netaji is busy”, “we are not responsible, this is under another department” and what not.

But yes now since they all want to come to power and loot some more again for next five years this one time they behave like pests.

As far as I know and understand and you can check online as well – a political party/ candidate cannot do any rally, advertise, propagate, (read instigate, influence and cajole) their ‘so called ‘bharat-nirman’ [building India] ideas/thoughts just before the polling day, to be precise – they need to stop all of these 48 hours before the polling day. This is called the electoral silence and doing so is unlawful. Have you gone through this point in the electoral laws by the EC – “Restrictions on printing and publishing of election pamphlets”? You don’t look like you have gone through it but I have.

Now our political parties have not either heard of it, or are very confident of their high handedness, or are confident that they can flout law and come out of it easily, or are just plain desperate.  Yesterday it was newspaper ads by Congress, newspaper flyers by Congress and AAP, but today morning I was completely aghast with a mail that I received from INDIAN NATIONAL CONGRESS in my personal email id from promo[at]bestshoppers[dot]in.

The mail is attached below and they have very cleverly added it as an inline image and not text so that you can’t copy and paste and doesn’t use a logo or any letter head of INC but excuse me I am not dumb enough to overlook the hyperlinks that go to your website and shows me your Manifesto 2014 [which again is … let’s leave it].

Here are the inline images that forms the mail.

And here are the printed flyers by Congress & AAP that we received along with our morning news paper yesterday 16th April 2014 which clearly flouts the law of Electoral Commission.

Now, I do not want any political propaganda in my mail box from anyone or any party even if it is signed by your president. You are no one to influence my thoughts on whom I will vote. Voting is my right and I am quite capable of forming my thoughts – for a change there are people in the country who are not blind, they have eyes, they read news and they know what has happened in the country. There is no need for you to put down 15 points and show me where my country stands. I mean for God Sake’s look at those points… “15. India is the 4th largest producer of Iron Ore”! Did you create that Iron Ore? Did your party produce that iron ore and put it in the mines? WHAT DID YOU DO? You need a better PR agency your 500 crores is not being used properly as I understand from this mail.

And on the points of what you have done in last 10 years…
    1.     Lowering the BPL index and telling people are not poor anymore is as good as crime.
   2.     Did you notice the ever falling rupee in recent times that you are telling me you have increased Indian economy by 3 times
   3.     That loan of 4 lakh 70 thousand crore is also our money, and there is no surety if it has reached people.

  4.     7 times more roads than NDA? I don’t see any, maybe it’s in your heads or in you ‘just-before-election dreams and manifesto only.
  5.      Three fold increase in Defense Spending or getting faulty aircrafts and pocketing the money?
And I can go on.
HYPE, as you like to call it, is not confusing me, it is the visible work that we can see. You are simply desperate to be in power and probably can do anything for that. But you need to realize people are not fools to fall for your false promises again and again. Atleast, I am not.  All these desperate methods and marketing are only proving how vulnerable you are or how scared you are. It’s 8 am and I am going to the polling station. You have lost one vote [even if you thought your early morning desperate mail could coax me] and that I can tell you right away. AND STAY OUT OF MY MAIL BOX.

P.S. I am neither a Congress Supporter, nor an AAP supporter or a BJP supporter. I support who works and the work that is visible.

Writing this post at this time was more important than 

Please share and let people know what mockery of democracy is happening. 

Tina Basu

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