I’m weird because……
I still can’t sleep without my teddy bear.
I am a Bengali and I am not as crazy as they are for fish.

I do not like people telling me what to do – read ordering anything.
I can never remember birthdays – Facebook helps me.
I don’t like watching tele – sagas (unlike my colleagues & friends).
I cannot stand anything creepy, crawly, slimey – read any insect/bug
I get shopping pangs like people get hunger pangs.
I hate drinking tea and I don’t understand why people drink it.
I hate apples – the one you eat not the one that you use to communicate – I can’t stay without the later.
I don’t mind eating only momos all throughout the day.
I absolutely detest gold jewelry and I am quite the opposite of my mom who loves this glittery metal.
I dance and sing under the shower – like every time I am under the shower.
I always get an urge to bunk work every morning.
I go on shopping trips during lunch breaks and extend that
I don’t like the thing called DIETING – I rather walk a little more
I carry a base ball bat in my car so that I can hit anyone who messes with me or my car
I don’t understand why kids have cry/howl/scream/almost murder fellow passengers in a flight
I hate strangers sending FB requests – that’s why I have an interesting cover photo for them.
I sometimes feel like bashing up someone just like that
I feel very awkward every time I visit a bank, I end up asking stupid questions
I would sleep for 12 hours, given a chance
I enjoy shopping and strolling around alone,
I can survive without company for a long time, I get into that mode sometimes
I tell myself you don’t need to be scared about a lot of things, but I know sight of a cockroach can make me crazy
I love lipsticks and sometimes I wear them at home, just like that.
I am proud of my shoe collection – I have 67 pairs currently
I got myself a wall long cabinet for my shoes.
I click random selfies and think all of them are good.
I hate people who drive slow in an empty road – I love speed
I hate everyone who says women are not good drivers – how can people generalise JLT!!
I hate chauvinists, or who ever tells you are a girl you can’t do so n so

I’m a bad friend because…
I check out Facebook reminders for their birthdays
I don’t like them telling anything negative about two people that I adore – Sachin Tendulkar & Hrithik Roshan
I play a lot of pranks and I don’t like it if they can’t take it in good humour/spirit
I don’t meet people often.
I’m a good friend because…
I always hear them out, even if it’s bull shit.
I love planning crazy night outs with them.
I’m just the right partner for a crazy evening or a trip
I keep their secrets.
I’m sad because…
I get sad if my parents are hurt because of me, I do not want that
I don’t like people taking advantage of my hard work and diligence at work
I want people to put themselves in my shoes first and then react
I try to do a lot of things, but can do only little
I get sad when people are mean to me just like that
I am stuck at level 201 for a long time and cant crush enough candies in the given moves 

I’m happy because….
My parents love me. Period.
Indro, seldom tells me, but I know he loves me quite a bit and is very caring (specially when I am sick)
I am quite sorted in my head and nothing can un nerve me easily
I am independent
I don’t have any prying eyes /ears at home
The thing called internet was discovered
I bought loads of MAC lipsticks and I am supper happy with them
I am on an unexpected holiday at home and am enjoying it
I can gorge on endless sweets in Kolkata
I am going shopping this evening
I’m excited for….
My break at home for a week
Loads of eating out in Kol.
All the shopping that I’m going to do this week
The Durga Puja to arrive, and the festive frenzy that time
The new Zara Dress.
Sep 1, new salary after hike! Whatever that is

I loved this link that Corinne shared in her post – LittleMiss Momma’s Post – I’m Blank Because…, a fill in the blanks exercise. I so loved it that I had to write it.

I’m linking this post to her post and hey you can do it too and tag along. Leave a comment with your post link here and in Little MissMomma’s blog!

Tina Basu

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