A tag post which I saw here, and am copying it. Only the questions & not the answers 😀

I am: Tina, a.k.a. Sarani Basu. I should have written it the other way round but I am known to people more as Tina than Sarani, moreover I am tired of the numerous weird renditions of my good Bengali name so I stick to Tina!

I think: I speak a lot which makes my friends & my husband think– ‘how can she speak so much?’

I know: If I think positive and have faith in myself I can do everything… most of the things actually (I don’t know if I can confront a cockroach, or overcome my fear of the dreaded maths!)

I want: a life where I am always happy… I like to be bright and smiley… [Oh yes I also want back my vital stats which I had when I was a regular classical dancer ]

I have: a good sense of humor, creative mind and good culinary skills (which I got to know only after I started living away from family) J

I wish: terrorism & violence never occurred.

I hate: disrespect for women, corruption, hypocrisy and oh yes drinking milk, all reptiles and cockroaches.

I miss: college days when I could bunk classes and sit in Green Benches (familiar term with all Xaverians from Kolkata), in the canteen, so wake up late bunk few classes and still maintain attendance. FYI I had 98% attendance in the first year in my Post Graduation in Bangalore!   

I fear: losing my loved ones.

I feel: I need to know more, there is never enough of knowledge, I want to know so many things.

I hear: myself talking to the ‘inner me’ often asking her questions and getting the answers.

I smell: everything that I cook. [I make sure all my recipes smell good, look good and of course taste good]

I crave: for sweets all the time. I call myself ‘sweetoholic’. Whoever is visiting me from Kol please don’t forget to bring the sweets. I become shameless when it comes to sweets and keep on asking people to get sweets because there is a huge dearth of good sweets in Bangalore!

I search: for stability and peace when I have conflicting moments in my mind. I like to be quiet than screaming in these times.

I wonder: if ever I will be able to fulfill all my wishes J

I regret: nothing. Even if I made a mistake I have only learnt from it – not to repeat it again!

I love: keeping myself, my family and my friends happy.

I ache: for people who are wronged. 

I care: about myself not hurting anyone in anyway

I always:  think positive and keep my mind strong

I am not: the one who can be selfish, rude or cruel. 

I believe: Past is past, future is future, present is the gift that you should always cherish. 

I dance: because it’s my passion. I dance from Kathak, to Jive. [ occasionally, me & my friends R, V & A have danced Afro tribal when Wakka Wakka was a craze and believe me it was fun]    

I sing: only in bathroom or when I am alone. I know my limitations!

I cry: only when I am hurt badly.

I don’t always: tell everything true to parents specially, I keep myself safe from running into trouble.

I fight: in my mind. I always think I’ll say this n that and when the time comes I can say nothing L

I write: in MS-Word. Had a wonderful handwriting till college but these days I prefer digital!

I win:  people’s friendship I can start talking to anyone any time.

I lose: my patience… rarely.

I never: pretend to be perfect because I know I am not… no one is for that matter.

I confuse: my cook almost everyday when I tell him “Don’t make too many things today, but make this n that n that too and the list goes a lil long” 😀

I listen: to my parents… but it’s mostly literally… what I do after that is entirely on me 😉

I can usually be found: shuffling between my laptop & desktop in office, lazing on my favorite spot in the couch with TV/ laptop/ book, or cooking up something new in my kitchen.

I am scared: of anything which is creepy and crawly. Surprisingly I am not scared of ghosts & thieves and have enough courage to face them and I know many of my friends don’t have it 😉

I need: peace in mind to go about in life. 

I am happy about: who I am.

Photo credit goes to creators of Photoshop – making life easy

Tina Basu

2 Comments on I, Me, Myself

  1. Debjani Baidyaray
    June 2, 2011 at 11:44 am (8 years ago)

    Hey Tina,

    Nice list to describe yourself…and the much I know you…nothing much has changed…hehehh..continue being the blabbermouth because there's where your charm lies!! 🙂

    @ppy Blogging!



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