Few days back I was reading an article online about men helping in day to day house hold chores. I was quite surprised to see Indian men being at the bottom of the list. According to the survey men in India spend an average of 19 mins (yeah 19 mins only) for regular routine household work daily whereas their female counter parts spend 298 minutes a day for the same. That’s like insanely disproportional. Most cooperative men are probably from Slovenia & France! Hats off to you guys.

Now coming back to Indian men, is house hold chores only a woman’s job because she is a women? Even in this age? Even after she goes out to work and contributes equally to the average income of the household?

Men can chip in doing simple things if not too much – like dusting or even laundry! Women also need to concentrate on their jobs and even travel for work. I have been lucky enough to get a man who understands me and my work schedule. And I must say he is very co-operative and hands on with the household chores when ever required leaving aside the so called male ego from which a lot of men suffer. When you are in a nuclear family and you have to run the show and make the house look decent (at least) you need both to work towards that.

So we have divided our division of labour and perform our duties. We do swap them too once in a while.

These days who washes clothes in a bucket or by hand? Most families use washing machines. So the pain of laundry is relatively easy. All you need is a good matic detergent powder and the will to help your wife!

So when I asked Indro to take up the #WashBucketChallenge he was more than happy to take it up. We segregate used clothes in anyways so that you don’t have too many whites with colored clothes. (You never know when which t shirt might start to bleed!) So it was easy for him to dump the clothes in the machine. He used the new Ariel Matic powder and after half an hour of quick wash our clothes were clean and soft. He was also kind enough to put them out to dry. That is what I feel is chivalrous in a man when he wants to help out his lady in every way possible. You don’t need to do a lot, you just need to have the will!

Now what is so wrong about sharing the load of household chores and don’t men do it regularly? You are also living in the same household, why not do some work for the house too? When you start living on your own you realize how much does it take to run a house even when you have a house help and a cook. So gentlemen come forward and #ShareTheLoad with your women. It doesn’t take too much and you can enjoy your TV too! Let’s work towards breaking this gender stereotyping in our society and equally participate in running the house.

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Tina Basu

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