The annual Flower Show in Ahmedabad is a spectacular sight for tourists and city dwellers with thousands of flower and flower art on display.
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Ahmedabad has seen a developmental boom in the last 10 years. The growth that the city has seen is far more than any other city. The best charm of Ahmedabad lies in the amalgamation of the old city and the new city, separated by the Sabarmati River and connected by bridges.

One of the major and the most gorgeous sights of Ahmedabad is the beautification of the banks of the Sabarmati River. Riverfront Park and Flower Park are the two parts of the beautified Sabarmati banks.

Riverfront Park is a place for relaxing, jogging, strolling, catching up with friends or just breathing in the Ahmedabad breeze. It is filled with loads of recreational activities to kill your boredom. On the other hand, Flower Park is shy and not too loud. The only time, the introverted Flower Park becomes the hero of Ahmedabad is during its renowned Flower show.

flower show in AHmedabad

Annual Flower Show in Ahmedabad

The government of Gujarat spends crores on the flower show which is definitely a must see. It is held in the month of January for a duration of 7 to 10 days. The flowers and plants are sourced from all over the world for this enthralling show.

As you travel from the bridge you can see the flower show beneath the bridge. The patterns in which the flowers and plants are arranged and grown looks bewitching when you get an aerial view. The circular pattern of yellow, red, pink and green is scintillating. During the days, you can witness the colourful hues of the flowers and during the nights the flowers seem to be in a disco! Oh yes, the entire Ahmedabad city is decorated with lights. The bridges, poles, street lights, the banks of the Sabarmati River and of course the Flower Park, everything is bathed in radiating colours of red, green, blue, yellow, which is enough to get you hypnotised in seconds.

The mere size of the the flower park will stun your senses. Spread across an area of 65,000 sq. meters, the flower show exhibits an exorbitant number of flora species. To be precise, there are 750 species of flowers. More than 3 lakh flowers, plants and trees are exhibited during the flower show. If the numbers don’t impress you much, the decoration surely will.

flower show in AHmedabad

The show also exhibits more than 20 sculptures made of fresh flowers. Tiny birds made of daisies, Flamingoes made of pink roses, Hippos and elephants made of leaves and grass are some of the little sculptures placed at perfect spots and the best for perfect shots. Then there comes the magnificent sculptures of a clock towers or Ahmedabad’s Lal Darwaza clothed in green and a beautiful doll dressed in the gown of flowers. The sight is splendid and will make you go wow!

The flower show also houses a live demonstration of the green house model, where exotic species of plants are grown. More than 20 stalls selling seeds, saplings, gardening equipments and fertilizers water your interest in growing beautiful flowers!

The flower show is a sight to behold both during the day and the evenings. The facilities provided by the organizers is impeccable. Clean washrooms and free drinking water are available. There are a number of food stalls to keep you full while exploring the flower world. Also, there is ample space for sitting when you get tired of walking the huge area.

Long story cut short, Flower Show is a must watch in Ahmedabad. Specially, after you have rung the new year eve partying away, it is best to explore Ahmedabad as it plays a host to a number of events during the month of January. Don’t wait and keep thinking, just book on a train enroute to Ahmedabad, which has become really easy with IRCTC train booking or hop on the fastest flight and fly straight to Ahmedabad. Admire the city with all its colors, glory and fragrance!

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    September 27, 2017 at 6:37 pm (2 years ago)

    Whoa this sure is some splendid info Tina – I had no idea of this kind of flower show in India. I have visited the one at LalBagh on a number of ocassions but this one takes the cake – I shall try to explore this in Jan 2018 if I can!!!
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  2. Supriya
    September 11, 2018 at 9:26 am (7 months ago)

    woww…. the flowershow looks stunning


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