Lot’s of blogging happening and I am enjoying it. In between all the fictions for A to Z I’ll also try and post the other regulars in my blog so that I am not out of touch or the readers don’t miss out. 

So here is my post of the Five Sentence Fiction Challenge from Lillie’s Blog. I’ts short and sweet so hop on people.

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My Companion

Neeraj had lost his trail in the jungle trek, it was getting dark… he knew he had to find a way out and the constant creeks of crickets and insects were not helping either.

Sensing being followed he kept turning around to check his back but could see nothing, being a wild life enthusiast he knew he was only safe on top of a tree and without wasting any more time he started climbing up a tree when he heard the ruffling on the dried leaves… Neeraj knew this was the sound he didn’t want to hear and in one breath he jumped on the nearest thick branch.

Looking down he spotted a tigress trying to jump towards him but he was at a good height and safe from the tigress which was now holed up below the tree, Neeraj couldn’t fathom what he could do.

He took out his phone and saw it still had a feeble weak tower, he quickly sent his GPS location from his smartphone to his best buddy hoping he will be able to rescue him.

Months later today, memory of that evening is still fresh in his mind and he is thankful to his phone, his companion for saving his life, he has promised to never let go of his lucky phone.  

Photo Courtesy: 3mmi.deviantart.com
Word theme for the current week is COMPANION.
Lillie McFerrin Writes

Leave a comment below if you liked this short fiction and if you want me to write some more. Your words mean a lot to me.

Tina Basu

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