After some back to back thrillers in July I am in mood for some light reads now. Sometimes you got to mix up – like your drinks!! So I chanced upon this Love is Vodka at Blogadda and got selected even. It’s a decently thin book which you can finish up fast – such great news when you want to read up so much. So let’s see how was our Vodka?

The Story

Mon-ami a.k.a. Moon is the carefree wild 19 something teenager. Raised by a single mother – who happens to be the all powerful big shot of the journalism world – in Delhi.

 Moon likes to do regular teenage stuffs – FB-ing, boys, partying, clubbing, dating et al. Being the love child she doesn’t have a dad at home but has connections with her French father through Skype & FB. She ends up joining an ad agency for an internship during her holidays.

Being the confused pretty teenager she is, she gets attracted to the opposite sex very often at her new work place. Faced with the questions of life (teenager’s life) she is confused about whether her current boyfriend is good for her or the other guy at work? Or is it the older President of the agency?

After some affairs, sad and ‘okayish’ ones, she falls for the much aged president of the ad agency who also happens to be her mom’s supposed boyfriend! She moves in with the about to be divorced man after a fight with the mother. He opens the road of stardom for her when Moon is offered an assignment as model for an international corporate. And with that starts the string of steamy sessions between them (in all sorts of places)!

After a set back from this affair she joins the anti-corruption youth campaign and meets the effervescent leader – Gautam. Will she be able to figure out what love is? Will she find her true love?

My Thoughts

A very regular story of an urban teenager – rather a spoilt teenager.  So nothing much to tell about the story. Let’s get into the characters and the writing style.

Moon – she is confused, wild and wants to live life to the fullest – good enough. However, I felt there is a thin line between being wild and being ‘slut-like’ and it gets overlapped at many places. She doesn’t bother much about rubbing her mom in the wrong way or dropping her mom’s name at almost any place to get her work done or even sleeping with her mom’s boyfriend. She finds it also satisfying to be competing with her mom for the same guy and getting him at the end of the day.

Payal Mallik – Being a single mother is tough and managing a teenage daughter with a high profile job is tougher. She pampers her daughter and tries to be strict with her at the same time. But she doesn’t manage to be strict enough to stop her daughter from leaving the house several times. Really is that how mothers are? Can they actually sleep peacefully and not talk to the daughter when she know that she is sleeping with a much aged man? Don’t think so.

The Agency President – Suave and high on style quotient – he comes across as a guide to the young intern and spoils (rather lures) her with expensive gifts. After the fling one fine day he realizes they need to move on and everything would be okay.

At some point of time I myself was confused what does this girl Moon wants in life? It’s erratic. The first half of the book is good enough when you are introduced to Moon’s life, her best friend – logic, and everything around getting all the attention and all. Her fling with the president is also okay. But do I really want to read about a girl who wants to move onto one guy after the other and start thinking about the third guy already?

Writing style is simple and easy going.

However, spelling errors and proof reading glitches are major turn offs for me while reading. I hope they get them checked soon before publishing any more batches.

About The Author

Amit Shankar, himself is in the advertising industry and is a copywriter by profession. Having closely worked with the Ad world myself, I can understand his writing style or even the fling prone attitude of his characters. He has previously published few more titles – Chapter 11 & Flight of the Hilsa. You can check about him here.

My rating – 2.5/5

Book – Love is Vodka
Author – Amit Shankar
Publisher – Vitasta Publishing
Published in – 2013
ISBN 13 – 9788192535449
ISBN 10 – 8192535444
Pages – 212
Price – INR 195

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