Hello people I disappeared for two days and I’m already feeling bad about it. I was working for 14-15 hrs a day at work and after I got back home I simply crashed to bed. It happens sometimes and you have nothing to do in these situations. I couldn’t write anything during the day as well because of all the work I am doing. I am suddenly handling three portfolios all of which are on fire at the moment. And it even sucks when you need to get work done from people. Anyways, now to make up on the lost two days, I am going to post 4 posts today, so that by the end of the month I have 31 posts. I hope that would compensate.

I am participating in the Blog Adda Game of Blogs as a part of the #CelebrateBlogging Challenge – The Game of Blogs. You could log into Blog Adda or search with the hash tag on Twitter. This is one of a kind of blogging competition and I am very excited about it. Bloggers collaborate, network and weave a story. How cool is that? There are several teams and many bloggers that I know who are taking part.

We need to weave a story for 3 weeks in chapters. This is not what I have done before but it feels quite exciting when you collaborate.

And here are our Jury

Our team is By Lines and has some great bloggers.

We are already on the third day of the game and two of our posts and you can read the first chapter hereand the second one here.

We are all working towards the story and should come up with something nice.

So need best wishes people.

Tina Basu

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