Xenodochial is an adjective that that literally means being friendly to strangers. Sometimes being xenodochial helps you to become a better person.

being xenodochial


What is Xenodochial?

Okay, it looks like a new word to a lot of us. The word Xenodochial has been derived from the Greek word Xenos, which means strangers. In a lame world being xonodochial simply means being hospitable.

Why is being Xenodochial important?

  1. It’s foundation in building relationships – if you let people know that you value them, they are likely to do the same
  2. Meet interesting people – meeting people makes you interact with them, it broadens your perspective in life.
  3. Builds a supportive network for yourself – when you are friendly and hospitable people tend to like you and offer their support when you need them. What goes round, comes around – I like to believe in

How to practice being Xenodochial?

  1. Don’t hesitate to interact with strangers – not everyone can be bad. But rely on your instinct ladies – if you feel it will bad, back out.
  2. Always offer a firm handshake – that is firm and not too tight. It’s even important if you are at a job interview. It shows your underlying confidence
  3. Help people if you think you are in a position to help –


So now you know why is it so great to be xenodochial

I am taking part in the A to Z Challenge 2017. Are you?

  1. Amazing Life
  2. Believe in Your Self
  3. Celebrate Life
  4. Dare To Dream
  5. Enjoy Life
  6. Freedom in Life
  7. Grow in Life 
  8. Hope in Life
  9. Inspire & Be Inspired
  10. Joy in Life
  11. Kindness in Life
  12. Love in Life
  13. Mindfulness in Life
  14. Needs of Life
  15. Optimism in Life
  16. Principles in Life
  17. Quality in Life
  18. Resilience in Life
  19. Success in Life
  20. Trust in Life
  21. Uniqueness
  22. Values in Life
  23. Wellness in Life
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  1. Ravish Mani
    May 1, 2017 at 5:14 pm (2 years ago)

    Thanks, Tina, for adding the word xenodochial in my vocabulary. 🙂


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