It is like 1140 in the night and my eyes are almost sticking together. I was out the entire day and we came back only at 8 in the night. I hardly got anytime to sit down, think and write. So before I doze off, here’s a short piece.

The Wretched Lady

“Rahul it’s your turn you go and bring it”

“Ohh no.. why me yaar?”

“That is the rule, whoever hits the ball in someone else’s compound he has to fetch it”

“That’s okay but not here”

“No no you only have to go”

“But this is that house”

“That is exactly why you are going in there”

“What if the wretched aunty chases me with a stick?”

“We don’t know get the ball”

“I can bring a ball tomorrow!”

“Then how are we going to play today? Go now, get the ball. And if the wretched lady chases you then don’t worry, take a deep breath and run as fast as you can!”

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Leave a comment below if you liked the flash fiction and if you want me to write more. Your comments mean a lot to me.

    Tina Basu

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