Day 19 and I am here with the word Sheepish. Isn’t quite an emotion but still is good enough for being in my list!

There you go with this one. And for the earlier ones click here.

The Look

Rohan was glued to his phone most of the time. Sometimes his mum cursed the decision of buying him the new smart phone for his birthday. She never understood what was there to do in the phone entire day.

Earlier she was getting irritated with the constant ping sounds, but thank god it doesn’t ring so many times these days.

Today Rohan, like all other days, was busy what’s apping while slouching in the couch. It was like his daily routine after coming back from college when mum sat down with her evening cup of tea in front of the TV.

“Rohan, how was college today?”


“How was the physics class?”


“What okay?”

“It was fine Ma…”

“This weekend we have to visit the Mehra’s, they have a puja at home”


“Will you wear a kurta?”


“You look handsome in Kurta Pajama”


“Who’s this girlfriend?”

“Preeti …”

“Ohhh”, said mom with a chuckle

Rohan looked up from his phone when he realized he had just given out the name to mom! He gave a sheepish smile to mom and clarified “Nothing like that… we are just friends

Ohh.. I never asked anything…”, mom had a hidden smile in her voice

Mom… there’s nothing…”

As Rohan got up from the couch and rushed towards his room, mom caught that sheepish look on his face. She knew her baby is in his teens now and this was nothing unusual… but she still enjoyed that look on his face!

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