My Q post is here and the word theme is Quiet. So i’ll quietly put up a small post. But the post is not quiet. 

It’s something that keeps happening and we read about them and stay quiet. But one needs to break silence… but I don’t know when the government will wake up against this and make some really stringent laws which no one can flout. No one means no one – be it a politician himself or the ones with the moolah! is the safety for women a big ask? Don’t think so.

Here’s my post.

Sometimes it’s too late

They were intoxicated… intoxicated with the spirits and intoxicated with the power.

The power that they had over her at this time.

They didn’t listen to her pleas, they didn’t bother about her pain.

The alcohol and drugs had brought out the animals within them. They were no more humans, they didn’t have any feelings nor did they bother about anyone else.

She screamed for help but there was no one in this deserted factory.

She cried, pleaded them to leave her, and when nothing worked she gather all her courage and all her force to hit back at them.

Intoxicated with their power they got enraged and became even more brutal.

One covered her mouth with his palm to curtail her screams.

She wished she could die before they ripped her apart.

And within seconds everything became quiet, not a single sound… the squeaks were gone, the tears stopped rolling down… life left her.

While muffling her screams he had not let her breathe.

The lifeless body lay in front of them and they didn’t know what to do.

As they were running away from the site leaving the lifeless body behind… the local cops got hold of them. But they were to late… they couldn’t save her.

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