Ahh.. the weekend is here and I am finding myself confined… confined behind dark glasses and in the bed with pink eyes… weekend wasted…

Anyways I still went ahead and posted, I really didn’t want to miss posting. 

Since I can’t stare at the laptop for long this one is tiny.

He wanted a better Life

He was beaten up, thrashed, and confined.

There were days when he went hungry and no one remembered to give him food.

He was scared.

He wanted to run away but he was restrained, he was not powerful enough to break off his chains.

He was specially scared of him… the one who came to give him food.

He just wanted him to be kind to him, he wasn’t asking too much… just some little acts of kindness.

He didn’t want to get thrashed without any fault, he didn’t want to be chained for the entire day.

But that day never came, no one felt anything for him, he felt his life will end within this space.  

It was not his fault that he was not bought with few grands, it was not his fault that he was born this way, it was not his fault that he was born a stray and born of a non descriptive mother.

He knew he will have to die within this cage at this stray dog shelter… and still be chained.  

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Tina Basu

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