We keep writing about the exciting things that we experience around us. Today somehow I thought of writing down how I spent my evening with nothing special happening but feeling quite content.
While walking down the lanes to my home I was over the phone speaking to my mom who always reminds me now that I am married my responsibilities have grown, I should take care of myself, the house and of course my husband. But frankly, I do pamper him quite a lot. Anyways after a 10 minutes session with mom I thought I should pick up something from the local supermarket for him.
On my way back I came across the usual sight of kids playing on the road, people running with their dogs, and ladies walking up and down the inclined road to keep themselves fit.  Met our landlord after a long time as he paid a brief visit to collect his letters which mistakenly were dropped in our mailbox.
This evening Bangalore welcomed the first showers of the year. Loved watching the green patch in front of the apartment getting bathed with the first showers. These days I am quite inspired by recipes collected from my family or the internet. So thought of trying out a new chicken recipe. However, I am never content with one item so I spent some time in cooking up a nice bong spread which included both fish and chicken. Occasionally caught some glimpses of the Australia and Zimbabwe match in between chopping and mixing.
In spite of all the cooking and other little works here and there, I finished of everything by 9 and caught up on some me time before the dinner. (We eat late, sleep late and wake up late – I know bad habit but can’t help that somehow). So the me time got divided in catching up with family over phone, latest episode of a dance reality show, surfing, blogging etc. That’s when I got this thought – even a simple evening can make you quite content.

Tina Basu

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