Hello people, happy weekend. Hope you all are doing great. I am writing this #FridayFotoFiction post on a Saturday because I couldn’t write earlier. It this that time again when you write a 100 Word Fiction oh the given photo prompt and link with us.

We have a wonderful prompt today.

#FridayFotoFiction Week 18 Prompt


Image Credit – The beautiful Deepa Gandhi

100 Word Fiction – The Dream House

The big house stood in front of her with a beautifully decorated front porch.

It looked like a dream – a dream she had once saw with Amit.

However, Amit was always busy with work and travelling.

She sacrificed her career for their child, she was the good wife but he wasn’t the same anymore.

God please let it not be true!

She rang the bell with a lump in her throat.

But the horror turned into reality when Amit opened the door with a child on tow.

The tip-off from his friend turned true. Amit did have another family in Pune.

Word Count – 101

P.S. – Since many of you are going to take up the A to Z Challenge this April and will be writing every day, we thought we’ll take a break this April and come back fresh in May after you have survived the A to Z. 

How to participate in #FridayFotoFiction

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